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Free, in-browser (bulk) image conversion

ImageMagick commands uses ImageMagick for the image conversion. If our built-in commands do not offer what you need, you can create your own ImageMagick commands to convert images. A short introduction to ImageMagick commands is shown below. More info can be found on the ImageMagick manual or the ImageMagick Community.

On our site you always need to start your command with convert. Use {$inFile} and {$outFile} as placeholders for in- and output file names. The basic command to convert an image to PNG is:

convert {$inFile} {$outFile}.png

The command your create will be executed on all the images you have selected. If you have built a command you'd like to reuse later you can save it for later use. After performing the conversion you will find a Save settings button.

To add commands to the convert command you add a '-', followed by the command and its options. For example, if you want to resize your images to 50%, the command will be:

convert {$inFile} -resize 50% {$outFile}

Some other basic commands:

Some advanced commands:

You can also combine commands and use expert commands

For other commands and much more information, please visit the ImageMagick website.