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Free, in-browser (bulk) image conversion

Frequently asked questions

What fonts can I use in the ImageMagick -font command?
AkzidenzGrotesk, AppleGaramond, Arial, Baskerville, Bodoni, Calibri, Cambria, Candice, Century, Courier New, Didot, FranklinGothic, Frutiger, Futura, Georgia, GillSans, Helvetica, Montserrat, Myriad Pro, OpenSans, Proxima Nova, PublicSans, Rockwell, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Univers, Verdana.
I uploaded an image, can you remove it from your server? does not upload images to our server. The image conversion takes place in the browser locally on your device. We cannot see what images you convert.
How can I perform a bulk conversion?
You can select multiple images at once, but you can also drop images, zip files and even complete folder in the Input Images area. You can also use the add image and add folder buttons (top right of the input images area).
How do I start over?
To clear the input images: please click the trash can icon (top right of the input images area). To reset your conversion settings: click Convert the images and then Reset (grey button right next to the blue Convert button).
How do I change the output format of the image?
First select one or more images you like to convert, then click Convert these images. In the 'Target format' drop down you can select the output format.
What output and input image formats does 2img support?
We support the following input formats: gif .png .jpg .webp .tif .bmp .svg .heic .avif.
We support the following output image formats: .gif .png .jpg .webp .avif .tif .bmp .pdf .psd .xcf .tga .miff .ico .dcm .xpm .pcs .fits .ppm .pgm .pfm .mng .hdr .dds .otb .psb;
I like to convert an image but you do not support a command I need, can you add it?
If you need a very specific and expert conversion command: You can build your own specific command yourself using ImageMagick commands.
I made an error in my conversion, how can I fix it?
After the conversion you find some options. Click on Edit settings to edit your settings and fix the error.